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Additional Features & Supplies

Lockbox Service

Since most buyers don't want the seller in the home when they are seeing it and you don't want to miss your buyer if you aren't around, you can use an official Electronic Realtor® Lockbox for $99 for the duration of your listing. Our lockboxes can only be opened by Realtors® with agent wireless keys and must be updated every 24 hours to work. That way we can tell you which agent was in your house, and when. (Combination lockbox will be used for $49 in some areas.)

Pictures of the Home

With most buyers deciding on which homes to see in person based on the pictures, it is absolutely critical to have great pictures. For an additional $49, we will take multiple pictures of your property to tell the story of your home. Since we take pictures of homes all of the time, our clients are usually very happy when they choose this service.


For only $49 (Now Included!) we can weave photos of your home into a short video with music to garner additional attention and emotion toward your home. This allows your buyer to see many more pictures on the MLS and many other websites.

Directional Arrows

For use in neighborhoods and at the end of streets, additional directional arrows can be purchased for $10 an arrow.
Please Note:
Two directional arrows are provided with the listing. Don Anthony Realty is not responsible for any fines associated with the placement of the arrows.

Hold Open Houses

For an additional $299, a Don Anthony Realty agent will hold a public open house. The open house will take place on a Sunday for 3 hours. The fee also includes all signage announcing the open house.

At-home Staging Consultation

For an additional $299, we can provide an at-home staging consultation with an Accredited Staging Professional (ASP™). Home Staging is a proven way to get top dollar for your home as you prepare it for sale. (Service may not be available in certain areas.)

Additional Marketing

Additional marketing, including print advertising, "Just Listed" postcards, and other advertising can be purchased separately at your request.


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